Virtual Management Training that is full of bright ideas

We deliver virtual and face–to–face management training courses and partner with you to select or design bespoke training for your organisation.

Hello, I'm Gilly Meek

I’m a coach and trainer, with over eighteen years’ experience. I founded Gravity thirteen years ago because I believed there was a better way to inspire and develop managers and leaders.

Since then I have worked around the world with over a hundred different organisations in a wide range of sectors, including media, retail, finance, legal and hospitality.

I provide relevant and practical training courses which I deliver in a memorable and engaging way and I’d love to bring these in to your company.


  • “Gravity is the number one reason that we have been able to retain some key members of staff and get them to perform at their best.”

    Diana Baker, Operations Director, The Light Rooms
  • “Gilly added real value—the training was geared around our company and the staff development needs and felt really personalised. It was fun, informative and above all, professional.”

    Olivia Foley, Director, Hungry Caterpillars
  • “Excellent trainer. Good energy level and she was able to manage our challenging group.”

    Julia Ward, Senior Learning and Development Advisor, NHS
  • “Gravity understood the nature of the firm’s business and worked with me on developing training that met our specific requirements. Gilly had a wide range of business experience which she was able bring in to our company.”

    Teresa Randles, Practice Manager, Clegg Manuel Solicitors
  • “Gravity tailored the training to our specific needs. Being designers we often hide behind our work and Gravity helped us to overcome this, making us realise the potential we had.”

    Danielle Matthews, Creative Director, Studio This and That
  • “Our organisation was going through some important changes and we needed to get things moving; Gravity has enabled us to do this and we are now moving forward and implementing change.”

    Daniel Batt, Founder, Iliad

Virtual Training delivered with Zoom

All our training courses can be delivered virtually — either as complete days or over a series of short modules. You and your team can attend, regardless of location or device, while creating a unique opportunity to train together remotely.

  • Fun, engaging and impactful training
  • Fully interactive, with a live trainer
  • Includes activities, break-out rooms, interaction and action planning
  • Can be broken down into short modules, helping you to manage your time better

Managing Remote Teams

Our Managing Remote Teams Training Course will help you navigate the world of managing a team when you are all working remotely. We can tailor this course to suit your needs but it’s typically two days (split out into 90-minute modules).

  • Creating communication channels and a culture of trust
  • Motivating people remotely
  • Managing performance remotely
  • Having difficult conversations and giving feedback
  • Managing change
  • Coaching remotely
  • Remote team building and decision making
  • Running remote team meetings

Virtual coaching packages

Our coaching packages will give your organisation the flexibility to train, coach and support a large number of staff in all their different training needs, at a time to suit them.

How does it work?
  • Your organisation chooses a package of virtual 1-2-1 coaching sessions
  • You offer these sessions out to your staff
  • You don’t need to book times and dates upfront- bank the sessions and use them as you need them
  • We schedule the virtual coaching sessions at a time to suit your staff.
  • Each session lasts 50 minutes
  • Staff can work on skills development, a current project, decision making, idea generation, resilience or general support!

The formula for success

Lightbulb Illustration
We give you the formula
Whether you need a conversation framework, a structure, a methodology, an approach, a mind-set, a guide, a technique or the right choice of words–we will give them all to you.
Expermient Illustration
We let you experiment
We create a friendly environment where you can experiment with each aspect of the formula we deliver. You get to practise in a simulated activity or discussion and get useful feedback.
Results Illustration
Apply your results
We’ll talk about your findings and help you to create an action plan you can implement as soon as you go back to work, applying the tools and techniques you have learned.
Presentation Skills Illustration

Presentation Skills

Our Presentation Skills Training Course will transform the way you present. You will leave the training course with a boost of confidence, a presentation framework and a voice and body-language that will inspire many.
Overcome your nerves
Engage & interact with your audience
Deliver a structured & clear presentation
Use powerful voice & body-language
Handle difficult questions
Impact and Influence Illustration

Impact and Influence

Our Impact and Influence Training Course will help you to do yourself justice in all communications so that you get results. We will give you all the secrets of influencing and enable you to gain instant impact and credibility.
Gain a mindset to enable success
Influence different personalities
Create instant impact
Sell your ideas
Overcome objections
Negotiation Skills Illustration

Negotiation Skills

Our Negotiation Skills Training Course will give you all the tools you need to get what you want from your negotiations whilst building strong relationships with the other “party” – yes this is possible and we will show you how.
Achieve win-win outcomes
Plan for negotiations
Use trading tricks to get the best result
Close with confidence
Manage buyer’s tactics
Time Management Illustration

Time Management

Our Time Management Training Course will give you some very simple tools that will transform your ability to manage your time and others’ expectations. This will lead to better results for you and a far less stressful day. We will show you how to:
Plan your workload effectively
Prioritise tasks & meet deadlines
Say no in a helpful way
Overcome procrastination
Manage interruptions
Running Effective Meetings Illustration

Running Effective Meetings

Our Running Effective Meetings Training Course will enable you to run shorter meetings that always have a clear output. It will also give you some vital tools to help you keep your meetings focused and improve input from meeting attendees.
Write an effective meeting agenda
Plan clear defined meeting outcomes
Keep meetings running on time & on topic
Become an effective meeting facilitator
Manage challenging attendees
Six Hats Illustration

Six Thinking Hats

Our Six Thinking Hats Training Course provides a framework for group and individual decision-making, problem solving and idea generation. It is a powerful tool to speed up your meetings and by the end of this Six Thinking Hats Training you will be able to:
Eliminate argument & repetition in meetings
Make quicker & better group decisions
Create a clear meeting focus & process
Apply all types of thinking to a challenge
Generate new & creative ideas quickly
Management Fundamentals Illustration

Management Fundamentals

Our Management Training Course will give you a complete guide to managing people whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced Manager. It shows you what and how and is filled with tools, tips and practice. By the end of the Management Fundamentals Training Course you will be able to:
Manage different & difficult personalises
Motivate your team to increase performance
Give positive & constructive feedback
Delegate, set clear goals & run effective 121s
Use Coaching to develop individuals
Coaching Skills Illustration

Coaching Skills

Our Coaching Skills Training Course will fully equip you to have structured Coaching sessions with colleagues and use coaching language in less formal settings. I am proud to have trained on 2 of the UK's Coaching Accreditations, so you can rest assured you will be getting the best in-house training course available.
A framework for Coaching conversations
Improved listening & questioning skills
The ability to help people find solutions
Tools to improve performance
Real experience of running Coaching sessions
Social Styles Illustration

DISC Communication Styles

Our DISC Communication Styles Training Course will give you an in-depth understanding of the DISC framework, your DISC style and the style of others. It will show you how to improve your communications, build relationships and reduce conflict. The DISC Communication Skills Training Course includes:
An online pre-course profiling assessment
An in depth personalised DISC report
Guidance to quickly identify others' styles
Tools to improve communication with styles
Practice in adapting to each style
Bespoke Training Illustration

Bespoke Training Courses

We design fully bespoke training courses for clients. This can be anything from a 1 day bespoke workshop through to a 1-year Modular Leadership Development Programme consisting of 12 days training and 121 Coaching.
Leadership development programmes
Business & sector specific workshops
Apprentice style learning programmes
Customisation of any of our core workshops
Team building initiatives
121 Training Illustration

121 Coaching

Our 121 Coaching offers a highly focused and open environment for you to work on any aspect of your development. The 121 sessions will be suited entirely to your needs and will lead to rapid progress and powerful results.
Set & achieve development goals
Gain invaluable insight
Be challenged to think of ideas & solutions
Learn how to self-motivate
Create action plans & accelerate performance
Meeting Facilitation Illustration

Meeting Facilitation

We can facilitate meetings for you so that you can concentrate on inputting - we will manage the process and people ensuring you achieve your goals and have everyone on-board. We can also bring a touch of creativity if you wish.
Creativity sessions to generate new ideas
Team away days
Board meetings
Decision-making meetings
Strategic Planning meetings

The essential training course for managers

This course gives a complete guide to managing people whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced manager. It shows you what and how and is filled with tools, tips and practice. By the end of the Management Training Course you will be able to:

  • Manage different & difficult personalities
  • Motivate your team to increase performance
  • Give positive & constructive feedback
  • Delegate, set clear goals & run effective 121s
  • Use coaching to develop individuals
Event dates

8th, 9th & 10th May 2018

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